Video to DVD?
Although we will convert to DVD we no longer recommend it
please read the following first

Advantages of transferring to a digital format over DVDs

  1. All flat screen TVs (it does not need to be a Smart TV)  have a USB port built in to enable playing videos directly from a USB device using the remote control you do not need any technical or computer skills to do this, our 90+ year old customers have no trouble with this, so age is not relevant 
  2. DVDs are history and on the way out, Currys do no sell them anymore and much fewer people now have a DVD player by the TV and hardly any will in the future
  3. We charge less than standard DVD
  4. Easily viewable on a computer whereas most computers these days do not have a DVD drive
  5. Multiple video files (average 30+ can fit on a single USB stick – for DVDs you will have the same number as you have tapes 
  6. USB sticks have the same advantages as a hard drive but just have a smaller capacity up to an average of 80 hours of footage per 128GB USB stick where as hard drive can fit 1000s of tapes
  7. The videos are editable with the right software, this is much more complex with a DVD
  8. You can rename the files if you need to, whereas we print the title on the DVD 
  9. Backups are straightforward using copy and paste – backing up DVDs requires specific software and hardware
  10. Passing on to friends and family very easy just copy and paste to another computer or send via the internet using for example
  11. Can be put onto a private YouTube channel, this is complex with DVDs
  12. DVDs and USB sticks can be lost, but if you lose the DVD it will probably be your ONLY copy whereas if you follow our advice you will have backups on a computer or cloud and you just need to buy another USB stick which are very low cost 
  13. DVDs are much larger and bulkier to carry around compared to a USB stick 
  14. DVDs can break or get scratched
  15. Files can be easily uploaded to a cloud drive e.g. Onedrive, google drive, dropbox etc to share and backupll

An 88 year old customer called us to thank us for transferring her tapes to USB and said how easy it was and wanted to order some more USB sticks and showed her daughter how much better it was than DVDs


Many of our customers are getting the DVDs we did many years ago before the improvement in technology, converted to digital files

Do you really need any more reasons!

Please use the either of these forms when bringing or sending your tapes to us

If you are unable to print the form please note down the key information needed in the form and enclose a letter