Frequently Asked Questions

How much does is cost

Do you convert Cine Film to Digital

Yes we do cine film Super 8 and Standard 8.

We don't do 16mm.

I have a broken tape can you repair it

We can repair most physically damaged tapes but this does depend on how badly its damaged , we do this on a no fix no fee basis, the cost is £25 per tape.

Which payment methods do you accept

Credit/Debit Cards via the web site, over the phone, in person ,bank transfer, or cash for local service.

How many tapes can fit on a USB stick

Up to around 35 although it depends on how long the footage is, if they don't fit on a USB drive then we can put them on a USB hard drive which can fit hundreds of tapes.

I have a tape that fits into a cradle that goes into a VHS machine can you convert these

This is called VHS-C and we do convert these , you do not need to send us your cradle unless you have no use for it.


Do I get my tapes back

Yes, unless you specifically ask us to dispose of them.

Can you improve the quality of my tape

There are multiple factors that affect quality and what can be done to improve it, if the quality is down to the VHS player you have viewed the tape on then it will be improved on our high quality well maintained video players, however if there is an inhernet problem with the tape the quality is usually improved by a marginal amount when it is digitised, this is not always the case and the tape has significant quality issues then we will be unable to improve it. Tapes that are too dark can be lightened up a certain amount.

As far as sound we can replace sountracks however we cannot seperate background noise from the main audio, this would need a sound engineer.

Tapes that are physicaly broken we can fix.

I am not sure what tape type I have

Click here for pictures of the different tape types.

I am not sure what is on the tapes

We do not charge for blanks and if you tell us in advance you don't want TV footage we will also not transfer that and not charge you for that either.

Can you convert from a DVD based camera to a digital format

Yes, same charges as per tapes apply , Ideally please ensure you finalise the disc in your camera before you send it to us.


Do you convert adult material

Yes we do , as a totally discreet service , charges are the same as for all other items.

I have an old VHS bought tape that I cannot get on DVD, can you transfer it

Yes we can transfer it providing it is for personal use only.


I cannot print the form as my printer does not work or I don't have one

Please look at the form on the web site and write a letter giving all the key information from the form and enclose that with your items.

I live outside the UK can you still send us the converted items

Yes we can send abroad , what we do with our expat customers is send the files via the internet and hold onto the tapes until you confirm safe receipt of the files then can send or dispose of the tapes.


Can I bring them to you


For details click here



Please use the either of these forms when bringing or sending your tapes to us

If you are unable to print the form please note down the key information needed in the form and enclose a letter